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    Brief Introduction
    The history of the School of Education, South China Normal University (SCNU) can be traced back into 1935, when the Department of Education was established in Guangdong Xiangqin University. Then,by integrating several schools and institutes related to teaching and educational researches, such as the Teachers’ College of the former Sun Yat-sen University and the Department of Education of South China United University into a single entity, the Department of Education came into being in SCNU in the year of 1951. The department enjoyed highly professional teaching faculty, among which many famous scholars such as Luo Jun, Wang Deliang, Ye Peihua and Zhu Bo were included. In 1996, sponsored by the national programs “Project 211”, six departments of SCNU, including the Department of Education, the Department of Psychology, and the Research Institute of Educational Science etc. were merged into the new-founded College of Education and Technology. However, in 1999, SCNU reorganized its education resources and formally established the School of Education, which consists of the former Schools of Education, Psychology and several institutes focus on the academic issue of educational science, curriculum and textbooks and higher education. Then in the year of 2012, SCNU and Guangdong Disabled Persons Federation jointly set up the School of Special Education, which is now affiliated to the School of Education.

    The School of Education now consists of ten departments and institutes, including the Department of Pedagogy, the Department of Early Childhood Education, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Department of Special Education, the Institute for Higher Education, the Institute for International and Comparative Education, the Institute for Education History, the Institute for Education Administration, the Institute for Basic Education, and the Research Center for Teacher Education. The school owns a Provincial-level H&SS Research Center, and many educational research centers of the region, such as the Modern Education Research Center. The School also hosted the Provincial Training Base for the Kindergarten principals and teachers. The academic journal of Modern Education Journal is also at the school. Furthermore, many of our faculties work as the organizers or leading experts in different educational organizations and committees of country.

    The Dean is Lu Xiaozhong and the associate deans are Zheng Hang, Ge Xinbin and Zheng Fuming. Mr.Yao Wenzhong is the Secretary of the School Party Committee and Mr. Zeng Shengchang is the Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee.


    The party and administration of the school
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