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    School of Education, South China Normal University (SCNU) was first established in December, 1999 with the integration of the former Department of Education, Department of Psychology, Research Institute of Educational Science, Research Institute of Curriculum and Textbook, and Research Institute of Higher Education. The history of the school can be traced back to 1935, when its predecessor — Department of Education was set up in Guangdong Xiangqin University. Then in the year of 2012, SCNU reconstructed its departments and institutes, thus, the new School of Education came into being. In the same year, SCNU and Guangdong Disabled Persons Federation jointly set up the School of Special Education, which then affiliated to the School of Education.

    From the very beginning,by insisting on the academic spirit of “being all-inclusive and truth-seeking ”and feasibly practicing the tenet “universal humanistic care and conscious of social responsibilities”,School of Education has made remarkable achievements in talent cultivation, academic research, social services and cultural inheritance and innovation etc. With great concern and caring from leaders of all ranks, as well as strong support from millions of theoretical and practical educators at home and abroad, the School has grown up to be the center of educational researches in Guangdong province and even in South China, a continuing education base for teachers and educational administrators of the region, and an important professional organization for educational counseling. Education, which is listed as the first-level Disciplines by the MoE of China, is top-ranked nationwide.

    Adhering to the motto of “Fostering Originality, Seeking Truth, Being All-inclusive and Advancing in Harmony”, the school will remain open to innovation, follow the trend and advance with the changing times. As a result, to bring our school into one of the best high-level research institutes of the country, with several fields and sub-disciplines ranked in the national academic forefront and enjoying a high international reputation.
    Lu Xiaozhong
    November 2013,Guangzhou

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