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    The School provides quality education theoretical support, policy advice and training services to the region with the purpose of realizing national education modernization, strengthen the power of Guangdong as an education highland in Southern China.

    ‚óŹProviding educational planning, counseling, and policy advice by undertaking educational projects from the educational departments at all levels. In the last few years, the school chaired in many significant projects, such as the national sponsored project National Education Modernization Standards Research, the provincial sponsored project Educational Modernization Indicators System. The outcomes of the above projects won the first prize of Guangdong Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements, and were issued as official documents, therefore, help stimulating educational reform of the region.

    ‚óŹInitiating teacher training activities and programs so as to improve the education levels in the poor regions. In the past few years, the school has carried out various kinds educational activities, such as writing new standard textbooks, running classes of National Training Plan and Rural Teachers Exchange Training Program etc. The school also provides counterpart support to Tibet University and Xinjiang Kashi Normal University.

    In addition, the school works very actively for its surrounding regions, such as Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhongshan, Dongguan and Jieyang, by providing services for education policy consultation and education planning.


    current position:Home > Services >
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