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    The School of Education attaches great importance to talent cultivation. The school has formed an integral talent cultivation system of “bachelor-master-doctor-postdoctor”. There are about 410 students enrolled each year, among whom, 130 are undergraduate students majored in Education (Xiang Qin Innovation Class), Elementary Education (Mathematics), Early Childhood Education, Special Education; 160 are full-time master’s and doctoral students; 100 are on-the-job postgraduate and Doctor of Education students; and about 20 are graduate students from abroad.

    The undergraduate degree program of Education is recognized as the brand program among the universities of Guangdong, and the program of Elementary Education enjoy a high reputation throughout the country. In 2009 and 2010, the school was approved by the Ministry of Education as the one of the first Experimental Units to carry on EdD and EdM programs.

    By undertaking educational researches and projects, the school also contributes a lot on improving teaching quality and encouraging curriculum reform in colleges and universities. Some courses offered by the school have obtained the honor title of Top Quality Courses at national and provincial level. The followings are some of the examples: the course of Early Childhood Education Scientific Research Methods was honored as National Bilingual Teaching Model Course in 2007; the course of Elementary Education obtained the honor title of National Top Quality course in 2010; the course of  Elementary Curriculum Design and Assessment was rewarded as National Top Quality Resources Sharing Curriculum in 2013. Besides, many other courses in the school were approved as Provincial Top Quality Courses, including the History of Foreign Education(2003), Curriculum and Instruction(2004),and Pedagogy(2008).

    Curriculum and textbook development is also one of the highlights of the school, for example, the textbook of Modern Curriculum and Instruction, together with Modern Pedagogy have been listed as National Planed Textbooks. Furthermore, the school also get many prizes for improving teaching and learning in the field of Higher Education.

    Talent cultivation has achieved fruitful results. Graduate students of the school have won numerous awards, such as the prize of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Excellent Doctoral and Master Dissertations Prize, Nationwide or provincially. The undergraduate students also, have hosted several projects, including Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program, in national and provincial level.

    Course of Elementary Education obtained the honor title of National Top Quality Course

    Students’ performance on the demonstration of professional skill
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