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    Discipline Construction
    As one of the key construction units in the “Project 211”, the School of Education put great emphasis on its discipline development. With great efforts, five distinctive but inter-related sub-disciplines have formed: the Principles of Education, Curriculum Instruction and Teacher Education, Basic Education Reform and Development, Higher Education Development Theory and Education Modernization, Comparative Education and Education internationalization. In 2000, Principles of Education was authorized to grant doctoral degree, it is also the first sub-discipline of the school to get this authority. Then in the next year, Principles of Education was authorized to award the doctoral degree. In the year of 2003, the school was approved the first-level discipline to award the doctoral degree, and a postdoctoral research station was set in the same year.

    Currently, the School has 12 second-level disciplines authorized to grant doctoral and master degrees, including the Principles of Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Comparative Education, History of Education, Higher Education, Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership, Basic Education, Adult Education, Vocational and Technological Education, Special Education and Young Pioneers and Adolescent Moral Education. Moreover, it is one of the first batches to grant professional education doctoral and master's degree.

    The sub-discipline Principles of Education was first awarded the Provincial Key Discipline in 2001. After two years, the Research Center for Modern Education was approved to be one of the first batch key research bases in universities for humanities and social sciences. Then in 2012, Education, as the first-level discipline was awarded the Provincial First Level Construction Key Discipline. Education, as the first-level discipline is now ranked the top 6 nationwide, according to the 2 discipline assessments organized by the Ministry of Education in 2009 and 2013 respectively.

    Professor Hu Zhongping, lead researcher of the first-level discipline

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