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    Degree Programs
    Undergraduate Programs
    Currently,there are four undergraduate degree programs at the School of Education: Education, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education and Special Education. Education,as the first-level Discipline, is recognized as the brand program in Guangdong province. Several courses for the undergraduate programs have obtained the honor title of Top Quality Courses at national and provincial level.

    ■ Education
    This program aims to train students into education professionals, education administrative or research staff, university faculty members in educational studies and primary and middle schools administrative staff. It is also suitable for those who wish to specialize in educational publishing and media development.

    ■ Elementary Education
    This program nurtures teachers, researchers or administrative staff for primary schools. It equips them with a solid foundation for educational assessment, research skills, and practical teaching skills.

    ■ Early Childhood Education
    This program is designed to prepare students to be professionals with fundamental knowledge in such areas as child development, social science, and educational psychology, and it offers professional knowledge and training in early childhood education.

    ■ Special Education
    This program nurtures special education professionals with in-depth knowledge of child development and social science, and equips them with a solid foundation in the knowledge and craft of education, psychology, and special education. Graduates of this program can engage in education research, training, and rehabilitation for children with special needs in a diversity of special education settings.

    Graduate Programs
    The School has 12 PH. D programs and 12 Master's degree programs covered different fields of education. Most of the programs are open to students abroad and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
    Ph. D and Master's degree programs
    The school provides Ph. D and Master's degree programs in the following fields: Principles of Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Comparative Education, History of Education, Early Childhood Education, Higher Education, Adult Education, Vocational and Technological Education, Special Education, Educational Leadership, Basic Education, Young Pioneers and Adolescent Moral Education.
    EdD. Programs
    The Programs now cover the fields of Education Leadership and Administration, School Curriculum and Instruction.
    ■ EdM. Programs
    The Programs now cover the fields of Education Administration, Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education.

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